Grow as many foods as possible at home.

If you don’t have space for a full garden, grow indoor plants.

Only grocery shop locally, especially with meats and dairy products.

Always read labels when you do grocery shop, or shop for clothes and other household items. Research what you’re putting into your body & on your body.

Simple steps that everyone can take!

I always want to help in even the smallest ways by recycling plastic water bottles, not using the plastic bags at the grocery store and riding my bike when I can instead of driving. Also, my husband and I will soon have solar panels installed to our home. I am excited about this and I hope our actions inspire other to do the same! :)

I disrupted a coal industry meeting with kisses, songs and good friends.

Yesterday, I went with 30 of my friends from Portland Rising Tide to a luncheon where Millennium Bulk was attempting to drum up support for their proposed coal export terminal by talking about their environmental stewardship. The terminal would be in Longview, WA and would export 44 million tons of coal per year. Millennium was attempting to get support from the Marine Commerce Club in Portland, OR.

First, 30 Rising Tide activists entered the luncheon (uninvited) and sang an anti-coal export song. Next, one activist served a platter of coal to the VP of Millennium. After 10 minutes or so, the group was pushed out by security chanting and singing the whole way.

20 minutes later, two activists who were pretending to be part of the luncheon (they paid to get in, and were dressed in a business casual disguise) began their clowning.

One began coughing loudly until she fell on the floor pretending to choke. The other pretended to be worried and the very loudly announced that the woman coughing has a deadly allergy to bullshit. He went on to inform the audience that no coal could ever be clean and that everyone in the room would be aligning themselves with a dieing industry if they support coal.

Thankfully, the woman’s allergic reaction subsided as the meeting was interrupted. She stood up to inform her “boyfriend” that she was feeling much better. Happy at the successful treatment of her condition by decreasing the level of bullshit in the room, the couple began vigorously kissing. The security and luncheon guests were so confused by this act of clowning that they allowed the protesters to make out for a few minutes before attempting to interrupt.

Finally, the lovers were also escorted out but not before nearly half of the luncheon was taken up by unexpected presentations, interruptions and juicy make out sessions.

A new kind of renewable energy need your hands .!

Dear Anna Wagner 

I,m very glad to contact you . thanks for your efforts ,thanks for everyone who care about our environment and our wonderful planet .

I,m M.Abrahams ,have been working a few years ago on a new kind of a clean plentiful renewable energy and a new kind of engines can be used for vehicles ,aircraft ,machines , generating electricity ,and more . and can be the alternative of the fossil fuel completely that will stop the climate change and gives solutions for all the environmental problems .

the research is now needing a green hands to put that energy in use .can you help !


Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Martin Luther King Jr., I Have A Dream: Writings and Speeches that Changed the World

Walk to school and back, drink tap water, recycle bottles, abstain from luxuries (video games, tv, manga, etc.), paper use, and bottles; buying groceries in season (apples during spring and summer, etc.); buying necessities only (food, clothing, etc.)…

My husband and I donate to environmental causes and are proud Sierra Club members.  When we do our grocery shopping we use our own cloth bags instead of the plastic ones that the store offers.

We use  environmentally friendly light bulbs and try to keep the other bulbs turned off whenever possible. We feel that every little step that we all take counts toward creating a greener healthier planet. 

Shelly and Sid Sitzer

Earlysville, VA

There are a lot of things we can do for the environment.  Personally, I don’t own a car, I recycle, I eat organic, I donate to environmental causes, but ti doesn’t seem to be enough to be honest.  I can offer my expertise as a researcher to help Greenpeace or other environmental agencies in presenting their case to government agencies and other decision makers, as well as the public.

We need people

I have for many years worked consistently to cut my consumption of resources.  Several years ago I started groups that signed a pledge to cut their consumption (energy, number of miles driven and flown, non-recyclable waste generated, discretionary purchases) by 30% in one year without spending money and living as normally as possible.  Several of us reached 50% in the second year. 

 But as important as cutting our own consumption is, it is crucial that more of us start ‘showing up’.  We need huge numbers to show up at local, regional and national rallies and protests.  We need people speaking up at meetings, in churches and in schools.  Limiting oneself to living sustainably simply isn’t enough.  It may assuage our guilt but it doesn’t lead to the massive changes we need to avoid complete catastrophe.  And only massive numbers can bring about massive changes.

 I have protested in D.C. on numerous occasions on environmental issues – been arrested twice.  I currently devote a considerable amount of time working to close a coal plant in our area which is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases.  I am about to begin work with a group to get a carbon tax passed in our state. 

 I continue to wonder how so many people can be so unwilling to actively join with groups which are fighting climate especially people with children.  I am losing patience with those who say they are too shy to speak up or can’t find the time to be active.  I simply can’t think of anything more important than to do everything we can to fight climate change.  At the very least in 20 years when my children and my grandchildren ask (and they all will) what I did to help stop the biggest threat to their future, I want to be able to say  – everything I could.  In my mind that will be the only acceptable response to the question.

Sustainable living the New Yorker way

One of the main ways I contribute to climate action is being a New Yorker I am forced to take public transportation everyday, therefore I do not own a car.

Me and my boyfriend just joined a CSA this year so all summer we were getting locally grown organic produce reducing the carbon footprint of our food and helping to sustain the environment without the adding risk of farm run off from overly spray pesticide ridden fruits and vegetables.

We also started composting all the produce we were getting from the CSA once a week to help give back to the land. 

We try to buy products that are not harmful to the environment and are green in terms of their packaging, ingredients and so on.

This year I completely stopped eating meat all together and once in a while I will have some fish. Most of my diet is fruit/vegetable based.. so we are trying to live a cruelty free lifestyle. 

I look for more ways to be GREEN everyday and I am happy to see that other people also believe in this way of living as much as I do.